A Letter from our Executive Director:
Dear Fellow printers, book lovers,  printmakers, and photographers,
The Frederick Book Arts Center is excited to announce that we will be hosting our first online auction; it will feature unique book arts items, such as sewing frames, fish skin leather from Iceland, handmade paper, art books, artist books, prints, and more! 

Things have changed for all of us and we are endeavoring to find new and exciting ways to reach the community and to keep FBAC alive. With this in mind, we are reaching out to you not only to make you aware of our upcoming auction, but we’re asking if there is anything that you would consider donating to us for this auction? Our hope is to treat this as a community event, where people are finding treasures from their fellow book artists and learning about others in the community through their creations. As a reminder, since we are a non-profit, everything you donate will be tax deductible!

We thank you for your consideration and hope you will join us at the auction in late September.
Please share this with friends and groups who may want to take part to help make this a success! Do fill out the Google form below for the items that you are donating. We have attached a donation receipt for those items too.
Thanks in advance for your help! 
Johnny CarreraExecutive DirectorFrederick Book Arts Center


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