The American Printing History Association (APHA) Board of Trustees and the Awards Committee invite nominations for the 2021 APHA Individual Laureate and Institutional Awards. 

Since 1976, APHA has recognized individuals whose work has contributed to the “study, recording, preservation or dissemination of printing history”. In 1985, an award for institutional achievements was established. 

These prestigious awards, which celebrate outstanding contributions to the history of printing, are presented each January at APHA’s Annual Meeting. Awardee acceptance speeches have historically stood as important statements of philosophy, accomplishment, and the value of printing history and the book arts.

APHA is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Individual Laureate and Institutional awards; the nomination period will close on September 15. Nominations are reviewed by the APHA Awards Committee, and presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

A list of our previous awardees, brief biographical sketches, photographs from past ceremonies, and select acceptance speeches can be viewed on the APHA website at:


Nominations will be accepted through midnight on September 15. Nominations may be submitted by any current member of APHA. Nominations from APHA chapters are encouraged. Submissions for nominations should be made electronically by email to, and MUST include:

  1. Award category for nomination (Institution or Individual)
  2. For an individual, provide: Name, professional affiliation (if applicable), and contact information (please provide at least one of the following: address, phone, and/or email)
  3. For an institution, provide: Name of contact at institution, contact information (please provide at least one of the following: address, phone, and/or email)
  4. For the Individual Laureate, provide a concise abstract as to the individual’s background and expertise; for the Institutional Award, provide a summary of this institution in a greater context.
  5. A summary (250–350 words) of why the nominee’s contribution to printing history deserves recognition. This summary should include appropriate examples of activities or accomplishments which will be relevant to the awards committee’s evaluation process. This may include the nominator’s relationship to the nominee, if any.
  6. Your name or chapter name and contact information (name, email, and phone).


Nominations are due to the Board no later than midnight September 15 to receive evaluation and consideration by the Awards Committee and the Board.

Individual and institutional nominees need not be APHA members. 

Nominations are welcome from individuals at all stages of their chosen professions, but nominators must be APHA members. Nominations submitted on behalf of APHA Chapters are likewise encouraged.

Letters of support (no more than six maximum) may come from others with knowledge of the nominee. Supporting documents should follow the nomination guidelines above, and carry the same due date. 

Incomplete nominations will not be considered by the committee.

Thank you for your assistance in recognizing outstanding accomplishments in the history of printing.

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