June 11, 2023 , 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
11AM Pacific/ 2PM Eastern/ 7PM UK

Join the Zoom Webinar on June 11

Join LCSNA members and friends as they go on a virtual tour of some very special Carrollian collections. In addition to exclusive looks at exquisite ephemera, they’ll explore what drives collectors to collect, and how they settle on specialty and scope.

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Catherine Richards, Clare Imholtz and Joel Birenbaum.

Catherine Richards will give an introduction to the important field of Carrollian Deltiology, sharing some of her favourite specimens, and showing how they can lead to some fascinating research.

Joel Birenbaum, serious and not so serious collector of all things Alice, will present Welcome to My Wonderland.

Clare Imholtz will share her Alice-themed yearbook collection!

Meet Your Collectors

Catherine Richards has been collecting and researching Lewis Carroll for over 40 years. The Richards collection is wide-ranging, and one particular focus is upon Carroll-related postcards, which in themselves cover every conceivable topic.

Joel Birenbaum is a member and ex-president of the LCSNA, Creator and Administrator of the Alice in Wonderland Collectors Network and Organizer of Alice150.

Clare Imholtz is a long-time LCSNA member who has been collecting Alice books and ephemera since the 1980s. She discovered Alice-themed yearbooks, many of which include extraordinary student art and writing, on eBay.

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